Fast and economic cleaning of apartments and houses in Riga and Jurmala

Don‘t spend the priceless watches of your life. Do you want perfect cleanliness in the house? Please contact us. We are carefully cleaning apartments and houses in Jurmala and Riga. You just have to designate the Labour Front.

Our employees are always clear, able to clean up properly and at the specified time, choosing appropriate and safe chemicals.

Maid‘s services

A specially trained person will arrive at the agreed time and borrow harvesting jobs. The frequency of the visit shall be determined by itself. Our employee can be ordered one or more times a week or every day.

In the kitchen room, we‘ll pick up and make waste, if necessary, by sorting it out. Eliminate visible contamination on the surface and outer surface of household appliances and tiles.

All cleaning products shall be taken into account in the light of the material from which the case has been made. Let us guarantee that we will not damage the furniture and the machinery.

When cleaning the apartment, the following work shall be performed in the premises and corridor:


, let‘s remove the spider.

, let‘s wipe the dust on all surfaces.

with vacuum cleaner;

helps gender;

glass surfaces and mirrors;

, let‘s sort things in places according to the instructions.

In sanmezglal, our employees wash out a bath or mental stall, collect and remove waste, if necessary, perform sorting of waste according to their origin.

All the chrome surfaces will be polished and return fresh looks. The toilet pot and bidet is disinfected and arranged. Clean the sink, tap and lighting.

General cleaning

Our employees quickly and effectively perform the general cleaning of residential spaces in Riga or Jurmala.

Kitchen works:

collection and removal of waste.

cleaning of working surfaces: board, tables, struts, etc.

cleaning of household appliances.

cabinets and furnaces.

Disinfectant and cleaning of wet waste storage site.

dust and fat from the extract.

clearing tiles, etc.

In rooms, sanmezglos and in the corridor, we perform general cleaning, which involves careful cleaning of all surfaces.

Why turn to our company?

We take note of your wishes for cleaning up apartments in Riga or Jurmala. Only the washing and cleaning products and technical aids tested are applicable at work.

We can use additional services covered by blinds cleaning and window washing. Our service can do softfurniture cleaning: sofas, chairs, rugs.

Work should be done at a convenient, prearranged time for you. Your presence is optional.

Call us or write to apply for cleaning. We will contact and agree on the details of the cooperation.

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